2020 Sustainability Goals

Recently my friend Katarina and I went to a talk hosted by EcoCyle and the zero waste warrior Bea Johnson spoke. Bea has a cult following on how to live (a close to) zero waste lifestyle. Not all the tips I personally would be willing to do but she absolutely made me consider how much I’m not doing. I was raised on mall consumerism just like most Gen Xers. Consideration for waste or brand responsibility had never occurred to me until adulthood and mostly when I started having children did I look into products and brands. So what can you do if you want to minimize your footprint?

  1. Be thoughtful of purchases. So many purchases are bought on impulse. 
  2. If you are buying apparel or home goods look at the fiber! A growing amount of unrecyclable and non biodegradable waste is fashion and home good products. Synthetics are a way bigger environment problem than most have awareness around. Semi synethtics are the new “green wash”. The list is growing but as example, the popular bamboo viscose is rayon and NOT part of a natural fiber choice. 
  3. Buy bulk and if you eat meat or fish buy it direct for the fish and meat department not in single use plastic packaging whenever possible.
  4. Bring bags with you. I just leave them in my trunk.
  5. Use long lasting high quality over throw away disposables whenever possible.
  6. Go to at least once a year to a volunteer event at your local recycling facility. 
  7. Buy used when you can and try to repair instead of throw away. I
  8. Know brands. Invest your dollars in growing small businesses with clear ownership and sustainable guiding principals. 
  9. Small steps add up to big outcomes.

Wild Doves has a long list of ways to be more sustainable and we systematically will roll out each one but we are far from zero waste. We try to keep to natural and have been mindful of packaging and we know our entire supply chain. As our spring collection Grow With Me is rolled out even more supply chain transparency will be available for our customers. Your feedback and trust is the basis for growth so please feel free to share your own ideas for a more sustainable 2020. 

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