Changing My Space


For many many years I sat elbow to elbow on trading floors. Early morning trading activity bubbled and then blew as different markets opened and closed. When I first started working on Wall Street there was a lot of noise. Lots of yelling, lots of characters. Fast forward ten years and electronic trading dominated market floors. Instead of standing up yelling bids and offers between trading and sales the noise turned to keyboard clicking, the printer, late afternoon jokes and the movement from the desk in and out of glass offices that border the trading floor. Those glass offices and the coffee shops around the neighborhood were where alliances were made, politics fostered, secrets told, refuge from the desk. Here I sit in a Starbucks in Williamsburg Brooklyn with large glass walls that remind me of those offices. I'm fascinated by the energy elbow to elbow. Creatives working- discussing their photo shoots on headsets, entrepreneurs making deals quietly over coffee, designers watching one another with slight pauses trying to connect with the traffic of people in and around them feeding their pencil sketches on their iPad Pros. 

As I work through this process, layer after layer of ideas, designs, changes, I am aware we are all looking for our glass office as we go through the journey of entrepreneurship and I feel more inspired then I have in a long long time. What a beautiful thing. 


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