How to Easily Design Awesome With Apps

The design process for Wild Doves has been inspiring. Despite spending years cultivating my ideas, there has been  a clear learning curve to create what I envision. Technology has been a great partner during the creative process. There are many amazing apps to help you with design. These tools enable and are accessible even for the novice. Here are some that stand out:

A toolkit for design:

  1. Organizing research and inspiration on Pinterest
  2. Flat sketch Illustrations on PRÊT-À-TEMPLATE
  3. Fabric Design on Genue, Autodesk Graphic, iOrnament & test prints through Spoonflower
  4. Technical Specs on Techpacker 

Lastly, I keep a pantone color guide, a tape measure and my fabric swatches around me when I work.

Happy designing! 

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