My Closet Was the Best Office Today


My Closet Was the Best Office Today

I had my first podcast interview this afternoon for Wild Doves. Amber Sandberg from the podcast Mom Inspired agreed to include me on her show to discuss Wild Doves, my transition from Wall Street to entrepreneur and primary caretaker and the importance of being a conscious consumer. Amber provided some suggestions leading up to the call. One of those suggestions was to avoid rooms with high ceilings, hard wood floors, large windows. Not the best spaces for sound. That pretty much eliminated most every building in Williamsburg. 

For several weeks I was on the hunt for a space that did not create an echo. Flexible work spaces, my child's school, my husband's office, friends homes, common areas in my building, my car among others. A room at the local library and my children's bedroom closet were the best fit. The library, it being a public space, ran a risk that someone would walk in so I went with the closet. However silly it is to record in a closet, it worked. The space was perfect.

I hope you can listen to Amber's podcast in August when it's aired and think of me buried behind my preschoolers dresses and shoes. Every small business starts somewhere. 

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