Step Up To The Starting Line

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Step Up To The Starting Line

When I had my son Jack 2 years ago I was certain I would launch Wild Doves before his 6 month birthday. My progress was a lot like his growth spurts. This week I’ll hire interns for social media and start executing my launch campaign. I’m fairly certain the Millennials that will work with me will know more about the business of social media than I do but as I prepare their guiding objectives I have this undeniable stir in my chest. 

FINALLY things are in motion and my business is about to start campaigning its launch. 

As new ideas swirl in and out throughout my day, I remind myself how much untapped information I have available to me from 17 years in banking and a mom of 2. I have found a healthy match as a maker but unless you are not attached to its success, it is all risk. There are no boundaries or ceilings to hold you back from your potential but it is a very scary leap. 

As I break through my own self limitations into this new chapter of growth, I am a girl once again about to start the race. I know very well on the 3rd lap of a mile I’ll be spent and the last 400  will be will and adrenaline coming from the crowd. 

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