About Us


Wild Doves fashion designs began as sentiments for my children and developed into collections with a sustainable purpose.

As a new mom, I found designing clothes for my baby was an expression of love.  I quickly found an entrepreneurial purpose after experiencing firsthand what is commonly referred to as "fast fashion" tendencies. "Fast fashion" is the consumer trend to buy low priced, low quality, high quantities from brands that often do not offer consumers transparency into what is often a very toxic supply chain and wasteful process. I wholeheartedly do not believe fashion should include disposables. 

With a true appreciation for baby fashion and the creative pursuit of building, launching and growing, Wild Doves has become my occupation. 




Wild Doves is a DBA of Grow With Me, LLC that creates collections for children ages 0-5. Wild Doves will launch with a collection for infants this spring out of Boulder, Colorado and was conceptualized and developed out of Williamsburg, Brooklyn.


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