About Wild Doves


Wild Doves was born in New York City and is now being raised in Boulder, Colorado. The first collection is designed for infants and is due to launch in the next few months after many rounds of prototyping and preproduction work. Three additional collections will follow our launch this year. 

Reworking Conventional Sizing

Perhaps the most impractical feature in conventional infant apparel is the sizing. This is why Wild Doves eliminated two of the four conventional sizes with a patent pending extendable approach to snap bodysuits

Non Toxic Only Please

As I have worked through the supply chain it has surprised me to learn how relaxed regulation is around chemical usage in fashion and waste management and how little transparency we have about the life-cycle of our products. 

Going Green

There are many worthwhile ways to introduce more sustainable practices along the supply chain in fashion. Brand marketing for sustainability can be confusing and intimidating for consumers. The debate continues as to what constitutes “eco”, “green” and “sustainable” and Wild Doves is a passionate contributor to the conversation.

Looking at Fiber 

In building our own collections, we have concluded the single most important choice a consumer can make is the fiber. Sure, it would be much easier and cheaper to sell synthetic fiber products that increasingly dominate fashion but we have concerns about the impact synthetics have on our health, the environment and waste.

There have been a few studies done on fashion and health but no long-term studies that we found reviewing and quantifying the impact on our bodies however we are increasingly aware of the environmental impact. There are many reasons to be weary when buying unnatural products and more so for babies, so by default, we make careful choices to be a responsible brand that dresses the next generation. 


About Wild Doves


About Wild Doves



Wild Doves is a registered trademark and operates as a DBA under Grow With Me, LLC.