About Wild Doves


Wild Doves was started in New York City and Boulder, Colorado. The first collection for infants is due to launch in the next few months after many rounds of prototyping and preproduction work. Three additional collections have been designed and are in progress to be rolled out in the next year. 

Reworking Conventional Sizing

Perhaps the most impractical feature in conventional infant apparel is the sizing. This is why Wild Doves eliminated two of the four conventional sizes with a patent pending extendable approach to snap bodysuits. 

Non Toxic Only Please

As I have worked through the supply chain to launch, it has surprised me to learn how relaxed regulation is around chemical usage in manufacturing and how little transparency brand owners and consumers have about products. After researching and reading multiple studies concluding skin absorption from many toxic chemicals on textile fibers, choices in sourcing and manufacturing have been done with focused care.

Check Labels for Fiber

As an active participant in many peer sustainable fashion groups, I support the brands that focus on any and all efforts to create sustainability in the supply chain. Many brands focus on packaging, circular production and recycling or fair working conditions. These are worthwhile pursuits. However, the single most important choice for Wild Doves is safe toxic free wearing for our babies and that comes down to the fiber. This is why Wild Doves uses only natural fibers. Wild Doves is made from long-staple US organic cotton that is unbleached or dyed in a US facility with non toxic and low impact dyes. Our prints are done locally with non toxic and low impact dyes. We do not use polyesters or semi synthetics for chemical stretch.  

When you shop, check out the label for fibers. Fashion counts on consumers not understanding the connection between fabrics and health and environment. 





Wild Doves is a registered trademark and operates as a DBA under Grow With Me, LLC.