About Wild Doves


Wild Doves launched in New York City and is now growing up in Boulder, Colorado. I worked on Wall Street in NYC before embarking on this journey to build more thoughtful, sustainable collections for babies, kids, and maternity. My journey will include technology innovation into my customer journey and game-changing designs to create a new generation-worthy wardrobe. 

Going Green

There are many beneficial ways to introduce sustainable practices along the supply chain in fashion. Brand marketing for sustainability can be confusing and intimidating, and misleading for consumers. 

Looking at Tags

In building my collections, I have concluded that fiber is one of the easiest and impactful choices a consumer can make. Just like we don’t like eating or using chemicals in our bath or beauty products, we don’t like putting chemical fibers from synthetics on our skin. We also have a growing concern for the microfiber problem from synthetic fibers in our laundry into our waterways. We know the secondary market for used clothing has all but dried up, and recycling fiber is more of an exception than a norm, so using materials that fully decompose and acknowledging waste is part of being a sustainable brand. 





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