Launching Wild Doves

Not only for babies!

While we are busy making your new organic and extendable baby layettes, our limited edition crowdfunding collection is now available!

Unlike traditional crowdfunding where you pre-sale your collection items for a set goal, we decided to use the pre-launch time to begin to build our brand and what better way then on promo items. Our followers and fans wearing our brand prints and logo is a powerful way to begin a brand following and besides, the prints ARE cool and unique. 

Wild Doves partnered with several other companies to offer customized limited edition baby, kids, pets, home goods, electronics and jewelry items for launch. All print designs and art is exclusively @WildDoves and every penny goes toward our first production run. 

100% of the proceeds from these kids, adults, pet and home items help ensure a large production run and a lower retail price. 

Wearing Wild Doves helps the brand get off the ground. Thank you for your support and wearing for a cause.